Yogaraum im hotel madlochBlick.

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Yoga @ madlochBlick in Lech

Have you been on the slopes all day and want to relax your tired muscles? Then madlochBlick has just the thing for you – Yoga!

The positions are perfect for stretching the muscles used during skiing, thus preventing soreness. Yoga increases body tone, strengthens muscles and promotes concentration. All important considerations for winter sports enthusiasts.

Yoga connects body and mind, makes the body more flexible and promotes awareness of one’s own body. Immerse yourself in the deepest relaxation and let our yoga trainer Miriam guide you through an energizing and at the same time relaxing flow.


Weekly Yoga-Sessions @ madlochBlick every Tuesday from 3 to 4.15 pm and 5 to 6.15 pm, 75 min – 19 euros.


Book your private Yoga-Session with Miriam. Feel free to ask at the reception for available appointments.

60 min – 85 euros

75 min – 102 euros

Namaste in the snow

Attention Yoga-Lovers: Yoga & Ski Retreat with Stephan Suh
dates 21/22 will be announced soon. More Information!


Yoga in Lech am Arlberg. Jetzt Yoga Retreat im Hotel in Lech buchen.

OM Chanting

OM chanting is an ancient spiritual method to release a transforming force that can positively affect ourselves and our environment. So you can give positive energy to people, places and life situations.


OM chanting can bring you:

  • Inner peace
  • Clarity & serenity
  • Joy & energy
  • Physical well-being


The vibration field of an OM chanting circle extends over 2 km and has a harmonizing effect on people and nature. There are over 3000 OM chanting groups worldwide and we are one of them.


Change begins within us! Start changing now, every Sunday from 6 to 7.15 p.m. at our hotel & chalet madlochBlick.

Information available at Ricarda Holzleitner +43 680 2386715 and

Energy balance: voluntary donation to the Bhakti Marga center. Thanks a lot!

Menschen sitzen auf Stühlen im Kreis beim OM-Chanten.


Especially nowadays many people feel drained, weak and empty. The body’s energy system can be harmonized by gently touching certain energy points on the body. Physical and mental blockages can be released, the body’s self-healing powers are activated, and a pleasant well-being can result.

Appointments every Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at our hotel & chalet madlochBlick.


Duration: 50 min
Energy balance: 50 euros

Registration at: or +43 5583 2220

Handauflegen löst Energieblockaden.

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