Skyspace in Lech am Arlberg von James Turrel.

SkySpace Lech


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With Skyspace Lech by internationally renowned artist James Turrell, the Arlberg has been given a work of art that invites viewers to a unique experience of the perception of light and space. James Turrell has designed a lightroom where, in the high Alpine landscape, the convergence of earth and sky can be experienced with a new perspective. 


Skyspace-Lech is a largely underground structure that blends sensitively into the landscape on the “Tannegg”. The oval main room also has an oval opening in the ceiling and a bench all the way around the edge, which – like the floor – is clad in black granite. There is a light installation in the room which, at dusk, bathes the walls and ceiling in colour-changing light so that what previously was a clearly perceived spatial structure now seems to dissolve.

Enjoy a guided tour at Sky Space Lech, more information.

Skyspace Lech Kunstwerk von James Turrell

And after that?

Rotwein madlochblick

Relax and enjoy

Filled with impressions, you return to the hotel & chalet madlochBlick after a romantic winter hike on the Arlberg: now a warming Glühwein (mulled wine) or an Irish coffee awaits you! In the fireplace lobby you can exchange your experiences and tell stories written by life.