Zwei Stammgäste des hotel madlochBlick auf Sonnenterrasse.

Our Regular Guests


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Every hotel is happy to welcome regular guests. But we at the hotel & chalet madlochBlick have an even closer relationship with them. To us, they're something very special. Over the many years that they have been coming, they have grown close to our hearts and are simply part of the family. Without them, the madlochBlick would be unimaginable for us.

We value them and are very grateful for their loyalty, which we celebrate with every visit!

But our delightful regular guests also carry the madlochBlick in their hearts. Some of them have cleverly taken our madlochBlick with them around the world and sent us photos of themselves.


We would like to thank our loyal regular guests for this and would be pleased if you, too, would send us a photo of you and your loved ones. We especially like it when you are creative and bring the “Arlberg”, and what you associate with it, to the photo. 

As a small token of our thanks, an elderberry prosecco will be waiting for you at our bar.


We are thrilled and delighted to be your hosts. For generations, we at the madlochBlick have been cultivating hospitality, keeping what works and being open to the new. Visit us at the madlochBlick and experience what it is that makes our regular guests come back to Lech again and again.


We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Schuler family


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Do you have a photo for us?

Andrea Schuler Inhaberin hotel & chalet madlochBlick in Lech.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Get creative and show us what you associate with the "Arlberg" by sending us a photo. As a small token of our thanks, an elderberry prosecco will be waiting for you at our bar.

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