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The Arlberg


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From insurmountable mountain range to first-class winter sports area

It is hard to imagine that there was a time when people avoided the Arlberg, struggling over it on narrow paths and only using the high valleys as pasture for cattle. At that time, a holiday on the Arlberg was out of the question! The Arlberg is still an important pass between Tyrol and Vorarlberg today: before the construction of the Arlberg tunnel in the 1970s, the time-consuming journey had to be borne, for better or for worse. Above the almost 14 km-long Arlberg tunnel lie about 1,000 metres of rock – a masterpiece of Austrian tunnel construction.


Beginnings of winter sports on the Arlberg

Increasing enthusiasm for the mountains led to the construction of the Flexen road at the end of the 19th century. Holidays on the Arlberg were suddenly “in vogue”. The first private rooms and guesthouses were built and by 1901 the foundation stone for further successful development was laid with the establishment of the Arlberg ski club. Today, large numbers of guests from all over the world make it a priority to enjoy winter sports on the Arlberg every year.


Skiing on the Arlberg: Austria’s top ski area.

A winter holiday on the Arlberg means the best infrastructure, absolutely guaranteed snow from December to May and the typically laid-back and open-minded attitude of the region. Warm hospitality has a long tradition here. Look forward to your holiday on the Arlberg at the hotel & chalet madlochBlick in Lech, one of 12 communities that have earned the proud title “Best of the Alps”.


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